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There's been a flurry of talk after the Oct. 17th candidate chat, so if you're looking for a one-stop overview, check the information digest compiled from candidate statements & chat [personal profile] facetofcathy created. Highly recommended, also: unbiased.

A look at the OTW Board of Directors elections and the candidates.

My other recommendation for you, after facetofcathy's digest, would be to read read OTW Board member [profile] hele's OTW Election post, because it articulates very well what the current challenges inside the org are by giving a candid high-level overview from an inside perspective.

I think the org is coming (has been coming) at a crossroads. It's growing, and it's really big already, and diversity and sustainability are becoming Issues. I mean this seriously. There's a lot of talk, and I want you, if you care about the org (and I know this sounds patronizing, sorry, but yeah), to pay attention to what is said by each candidate, because it's true that there's a limit to the org's resources, but that's a given, and the fact is, if the org doesn't start pulling itself together on those issues, it will only become harder. Failing at it not only will weaken the organization, it also means that it will be failing at its mission.

My post, though, is inspired by my tl;dr reaction to [personal profile] elz's comment in [personal profile] jennyst's journal. Different perceptions of the state of OTW, basically.

what codes of conduct have to do with diversity. )


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