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Even though it's not announced big-time yet, the survey me and my I&O (Internationalization & Outreach) people have been working on for uh, foreverrr, has had its soft launch last night*. I just made a few tweaks based on the early results (calling the second-to-last question 'final question' = not the smartest move) but will hold off on sharing it here until I get the final okay on the official announcement post. *fidgets*

So, in the meanwhile, let me solicit money from you?

OTW: By Fans, For Fans. Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 18-25, 2012. transformativeworks.org

Yep, it's the OTW April membership & donation drive! JOIIIN USSS~ :D

On a more serious note, the last year has been an interesting one. I've excised large parts of it from my memory because, well, painful, but it's also been a year of unprecedented growth: the AO3 has become pretty much mainstream, Fanlore is being quoted back and forth as an essential fandom glossary, and TWC has released its 10th (!!) issue. The cost of that success is, in monetary terms, a jump in maintenance costs (more on that in the soon-to-be released annual report), and in organizational terms, a negotiation of what it means to be both a fan- and a nonprofit-organization. We're asking you to help out with the former while we work on the latter.

Relatedly -- I know that "being able to donate money" and "wanting to become an OTW member" don't always match up, but the fact is that we need money to power our servers (among other things). Personally, I can't see us giving up the monetary requirement for general membership (because money, because elections fraud prevention), but I'm very interested in revisiting membership for volunteers, who donate time instead of money. The trouble is that it's such a complicated issue** that it's nothing that will happen in the near future (nevermind that if I made any promises in that direction, both Board and Volunteers&Recruiting committee would cut me...deservedly so). This is just me acknowledging that yeah, our current membership system is not ideal, but please give us some time ... and keep us alive by donating, if you can, in the meanwhile!

Thank you :)

*this is my way of admitting I had no idea why there were over 40 replies to survey already before it was even announced...and then I remembered we had emailed the testing group and asked them to share. Hah! How awesome is that? Accidental soft launch, surprisingly useful. *g*

(** but if you're invested in that idea as well, have followed the discussion raised in last year's election and would consider writing up a summary of issues... YES? PLEASE? :D?)


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