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Currently rippling its way across the journalsphere and and Twitter (hastag #deliciousfail) is the disastrous launch of the new Delicious(see this snarky summary [tumblr] or listen to [streaming link] this emergency slashcast by [personal profile] rageprufrock& MKlutz.)

Personally, I feel equal parts naive (yes, exported & saved bookmarks, but created no backup account) and sad: yet another part of essential fandom infrastructure failing. UGH.

When I think of [livejournal.com profile] jenna_marianne's meticulously curated Inception bookmarks being scattered to the wind (phew, not quite, luckily) I can't help but feel upset. (I'm not thinking of the state of delicious-compiled fandom newsletter right now, or I might just cry.)

And yes, of course, my immediate instinct is that a fandom-supported solution is pretty much the only thing we can depend on.

But, uhm, can we?

[personal profile] jennyst asks Archive of Our Own users what they want out of AO3 bookmarks; but personally, I don't think that the AO3 can fill that particular gap.

My biggest reservation isn't so much that developing a full-featured bookmarking service is a major project in its own right, not just an adjunct to AO3; it's that I'm not into bookmarking for the fanworks only -- I'm all about cataloguing wank and user-written game walkthroughs and, of course, ALL the meta (like [personal profile] sevilemar and many others, I am dreaming of an Archive of Our Meta built with the otwarchive software package 1.0)

So it's back to commercial/disinterested/hostile providers, for the moment.

But looking ahead: Do you think that a comprehensive bookmarking service from fans for fans, tailored to our needs even better than the old delicious, is something you a) would want b) would support c) can see happening?

(speaking of which, I need to check what's going on at [livejournal.com profile] deliciouslymad.)


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