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There are some recent discussions about OTW Board work and meetings by [personal profile] jennyst (Tired, Clarifications and news) and [personal profile] ira_gladkova (Goals Update + Types and Visibility of Board Work).

I wanted to flag why I'm not weighing in on this in any substantial way: I'd like to save that for official communication. It's not that I don't think writing in our private spaces doesn't have value, and I know that keeping things personal is often crucial, but I'm keen to see more of this information in our official settings. Specifically, we're trying to create a series of blog posts by Board members; unsurprisingly, because of recent absences and trouble, this has been floundering, but I'll get on it again this week. (So, basically, if I feel an overwhelming urge to talk about those things, I better make sure I help create a framework where I can do that in an official capacity, too.)*

There's one thing I wanted to add as a tag to the "Board work" part of Ira's post, though: I specifically understand this Board as one for transitioning OTW into a more stable and sustainable place, where, for example, chairs have more structural support and training from the get-go, and less Board liaising is needed. So what Ira is talking about isn't necessarily meant as a recipe for Board work going forward; it's a description of what we're currently using to get to that more structured, less improvised place.

* well, okay, one thought. More power to efforts like [personal profile] unofficialotwnews. Why? Because I agree that it's addressing a shortfall on our side, namely, the lack of a community space for people to compile or talk about OTW issues. Right now, people flock to anon memes, which -- sorry -- tends to breed and perpetuate misinformation. So I'm all for establishing open and less self-selecting spaces, and we're actually at the preliminary stages of creating OTW-wide forums, but it's a ways off. (First step: set up Fanlore forums. Open to Fanlore users. Iron out kinks. Then expand those to general forums.) So yeah, I'm fully behind forums, and will do my best to facilitate them, even if it will take a long time.


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