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Sep. 28th, 2033 12:57 am
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Hey there, my name is Julia Beck and I served on the 2012 Board of Directors of the Organization for Transformative Works.

You may know me better under my fan name. If you don't, please feel free to pm me! I'm perfectly fine with fellow fans making the connection in private, I'd just prefer it not to be searchable.

I'm also used to be a member of the Internationalization & Outreach committee and co-chair of the Translation committee, as well as lead for the survey workgroup.

I initially set up this journal as a campaign platform for the contested 2011 elections, and continued to use it to post about OTW matters.

(read all statements at the OTW Elections site)

Julia Beck is a fan from Germany. She is studying for a degree in media and communication studies and works as a communications and quality supervisor in customer support. Although her fannish origins can be traced back to a childhood spent re-reading The Lord of the Rings, her initiation into organised fandom was sparked by Zetsuai: Bronze and German yaoi fandom, from which she moved into international media fandom. Most of all, she identifies as a hardcore RPG gamer: when she’s not lamenting the state of the "Tales of" series, she’s worshipping at the altar of Jennifer Hale.

She cut her volunteering teeth by co-founding her university radio programme, but was enticed away by the emergence of the OTW. She has served on the Translation committee since 2008 and founded International Outreach (IO) in 2010. Managing translation volunteers made her highly sensitive to issues of volunteer motivation and recruitment, and IO's role as a cultural advisor to other committees helped her develop a more comprehensive perspective on the OTW.

Julia’s priority is to help increase the OTW's diversity and accessibility to fandom, broadly conceived. She knows from her own experience how it feels to be "geoblocked," and she wants the OTW to increasingly reflect the realities of fandom as an interconnected, international community. She wants to advance diversity efforts by strengthening collaboration across committees and boosting internal and external transparency.

She also plans to focus on keeping the OTW sustainable in the long term, not only by recruiting and training volunteers, but also by keeping them invested in the organization. She believes the OTW’s potential is constrained only by the limited time and energy of its volunteers and that sustainable staffing is closely tied to diversity. Just as increasing our human resources will help us carry out our diversity goals, increased diversity will result in improved volunteer recruitment and retention. She understands this as a joint effort and is looking forward to working on sustainability with fellow Board members.

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