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The OTW Community Survey's been live since Wednesday, properly announced on Thursday, and I'm -- kind of blown away by the response. So far, nothing catastrophic has happened; instead, we got close to 1.8k replies. We're looking forward to more, though, to approximate a representative slice. So if you feel inclined to help: Please continue spreading the word!


OTW Community Survey, April 18-May 2, 2012, survey URL
OTW Community Survey

It's my name on the front page, so of course I was feeling apprehensive. The survey has a complex skip logic (so that respondents can easily avoid the parts not relevant to them), and I was relieved to find that we seem to have managed to catch ALL the bugs. I know it doesn't seem like much, overall, but uhm yeah. It was a bit of work.

I can only claim credit for the final iteration of the survey, anyway -- this was one massive collaborative effort, headed by I&O (which I chaired last year.) After I took over polishing the raw version, the poor committee (now headed by [personal profile] ahorbinski) finally got its life back, heh.

Right now, only me and Betsy Rosenblatt from Legal Committee have access to the survey and its results, and in reality only I am checking up on them and am already thinking about how to best parcel the results for different committees. I'm indulging my personal curiosity tho (you would too, c'mon) by filtering for mentions of "survey". Yes, I'm having many "D'OH D:" moments -- things we missed that seem obvious when pointed out. But in the end, it was never going to be perfect, and I just have to accept that and make notes for next time. At least the completion rate (over 80%) is telling me that we haven't done so badly that people abandon it in droves. :)

It's the calm before the storm, in a way, because I can breathe for a minute before we have to start collating everything and evaluate this baby in earnest. Talk about a massive, massive task. ( ... never to late to volunteer in you're into data analysis, btw! *hint*)

Even disregarding evaluation, we are far from done with all things survey. This external survey was just the public-facing side of a two-piece set -- the planned OTW-internal survey is not ready yet, however; we've deliberately timed them some time apart so as not to risk utter survey fatigue among our volunteers. There's another post in here about our general plans for outreach and how they relate to the survey(s), but not today, and it's better suited to the general OTW blog anyway.
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