Nov. 20th, 2011

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If you're interested in language, please take a minute to read the Spotlight on Translators that we (=Translation committee) just put out.

Me and my committee would appreciate it immensely if you helped spread the word by signalboosting the spotlight. Firstly, we would love for our translators to get some appreciation, and secondly, we are looking to recruit more people for the teams:

Translators (or wanna be translators!), we want you!


Even for established fannish concepts, there's frequently no existing translation While German and Spanish often solve this by borrowing English terms like “vidding” wholesale, Finnish grammar does not allow for this degree of integration. Because of the way Finnish words are inflected, our translators created the fresh composite “fanivideo” for “vidding”. (Here's an example: Fanivideoprojektit [Finnish].)

Come joiiin usss~ :D

ETA: Just saw that AO3 coder [personal profile] rebecca2525, who is building the Archive translation interface for us, has posted a bit about her work.. This is one of the softwares that we'll be working with, and it's interesting to see rebecca build it bit for bit (to our specifications! ♥) One of these days I'll have to tell you about our design meeting back then with Eylul and rebecca, because it was *delightful* and complex and funny.

daughter of ETA: oh! haha. Hey. I never thanked you (to whom it applies) for voting me on the 2012 Board of the OTW, did I? Well.

THANK YOU. Thank you for this mandate -- I'll do my best to live up to it.

I totally neglected to post about it after elections results were published because I segued right into "alright, now get ALL the work done!" mode. One thing I did today: recruit my successor for the Translation committee so I can devote myself seriously to my Board duties. It was a good day!


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